Superman continues to change the world.

Just the other day, Superman died again. It was pretty meaningless as PR stunts go. Heroes die all the time, and sometimes their replacement is a long time coming, New heroes come, of course, but they can take their sweet time.

This time, when Superman died, there was already a new, old Superman to take his place. It’s pretty dumb, really. You can read about the death here: Overall, it was a pretty pointless death.

It did have one effect, however. In a parallel universe, a great hero turned bad for headlines. There’s a lot of talk about the injustice of the act – of turning something beloved against the wishes of its creators – but it got the headlines it was after.

Superman fought the Nazis. Just as other characters once did. If you are really angry about this week’s revelations. Then it’s time to talk about Superman. Talk about him loudly. Most of the time, he’s a far better idol than you’ll find in any other comic.

Superman is so scary, that other companies will turn their characters and worlds inside out just to snuff the mention of his name.
So, yeah. Superman. Let’s talk about him. If we talk about him, we win. If we talk about certain other characters, then “they” win. Let’s not let them win.