The Trickster's Hand

Somewhere between a Royal-Flush and an Ace High

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The Year of Risky Living

Bidding Farewell to 2016

The First Post-Fact Election

American Elections have always existed in a Post-Fact World

What is love? Father, don’t hurt me.

Yesterday, my father joined a chorus of voices from across the nation to tell me that I cannot have access to healthcare, who of my friends…

Randall, the Demon, and the Devil’s Coat

Randall and I sat beneath the yellow-stained lights as shadows of moths flickered past us. In the distance, we could see our friends…

“Why is everyone so fuckable?”

Love your characters as a fan loves them.

There is no magic bullet

We can’t Star Trek our way out of this one

The Masks of Brilliance

How to enslave a population: convince them that their forced labor is voluntary

Where did you find your hero?

Throw a rock at the fantasy aisle of a bookstore, who’s on the cover?

How to Create a Happiness Machine

Why you hate your old classmates on Facebook

You know who I’m talking about.

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